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Stages of the competition
The schedule, dates and stages of the conduct - the national Internet prize of Ukraine "WEB AWARDS - website competition"
20 February - 10 May 2019
The people vote 1
20 May - 28 May 2019
Declaration of results 1


Contest WEB AWARDS this


Review of the WEB AWARDS UA

« The first stage of popular voting is in no way protected from deception. A personal office with confirmation of a telephone number is simply necessary.» ...»

Maksim Kirilenko
Head of department
« Many thanks for the contest! I wish all the organizers of the project and the jury members all the best: health, prosperity, creative inspiration, success in your work and good luck in everything!» ...»

Maksim Kachan
CEO, Linecore
« I am surprised with the high the organizers of the competition. It's always difficult to be the first. But the organizers have undertaken a huge mission: to crystallize and optimize the market of Ukrainian web development. Big thanks to them! Yes, the first contest was held not without unpleasant moments, for example, during a popular vote. But these are all nuances of the maturing market. Adults competing product quality and service. Adults competing quality of product and service. Child ...»

CEO, webPC
« No matter who you are, important - what you can do and what benefits you can bring to the modern world through technology. Successful implementation of the project - this is a good assessment of the performance of any company. It is necessary to continue to participate in competitions. The desire to become better is a good principle of growth and development. I would like to find and introduce into the competitions the formulas for checking, evaluating, testing web projects not on subject ...»

Andrey Chorniy
« Thanks to the organizers! Keep it up! You really did a good job. We have received certain results, there is something to work on and develop. Good luck! We are waiting for a new rating! :)» ...»
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Website awards on contest WEB AWARDS TOP

It is impossible to provide the modern world without the Internet. The worldwide network is our present and our future. Today the Internet became the irreplaceable instrument of communication. With its help we realize search of any necessary information, exchange of any data. It is one of the most interesting methods of leisure and rest.

Choosing the best website

Any work should be rewarded. According to this purpose, web design awards was created. Annual international website designs awards are carried out improving the quality of Internet resources, extension of their opportunities and creation of the most comfortable conditions to their further development. Webs awards open new opportunities both to beginners in the industry of the Internet, and for skilled developers. It gives to modern user great chance to use better, interesting and useful worldwide network.

Awards for websites is a main part of competition of the webpages and mobile applications. Its chief goal is to raise quality of already opened and new web resources, development and deployment of the creative ideas, increase the level of professionalism of web sources developers.

The contest of the webpages is organized at the high level. Its priority sides are honesty and objectivity of estimation. Selection the best operations is made by competent jury. Web awards is proposed to the webs of any subject and specifics of operation. The quality of last ones depends on as far as they are comfortable and useful to the ordinary user. These standards are surely considered in case of a choice of applicants to win.

Contest Participants Criteria

Awards website 2018 is a new direction in the sphere of information technologies. The victory of the developer of the website at a competition means a victory of customers who select this service provider from the Internet sphere. It is a brilliant opportunity to expand any possibilities.

Best website awards are proposed to the most creative sites. They should be an example, a reference point, a model, a motivating improvement factor. That is what makes it possible to determine the prize organized a year ago. The event is held in 4 stages:

  • acceptance of applications for participation;
  • presentation of your web resource;
  • the stage of nationwide voting, where everyone can act as an expert;
  • voting by independent experts;
  • summarizing;
  • honoring the winners of the nomination "Best Designs".

Advantage of competition for the best website design awards is an undoubted favor not only to the developer of the successful and productive sources, but first of all for a simple client.

Works for a competition are accepted in different nominations. The nominations envelop all spheres of life and activities of the modern person. The age, an occupation and the purpose of operation with the Internet are the most important criteria.

Taking award winning website design is the real progress in advance of the informational portal and other Internet resources in the conditions of the high competition. The victory will become an excellent method of advertising of your development and inventions.

advantages of participation in the competition

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