Andrey Chorniy
« Thanks to the organizers! Keep it up! You really did a good job. We have received certain results, there is something to work on and develop. Good luck! We are waiting for a new rating! :)»

Maksim Kachan
CEO, Linecore
« I am surprised with the high the organizers of the competition. It's always difficult to be the first. But the organizers have undertaken a huge mission: to crystallize and optimize the market of Ukrainian web development. Big thanks to them! Yes, the first contest was held not without unpleasant moments, for example, during a popular vote. But these are all nuances of the maturing market. Adults competing product quality and service. Adults competing quality of product and service. Children compete: who will cry out louder. But it is joyful to note that many participants of the contest have successfully passed into the adult stage of development of their business. I was pleased to note the quality of work of the old-timers of the market and some newcomers, which I learned about for the first time, but now I will be interested in their further work. I'm sure the next contest will be more qualitative and interesting. And I agree with colleagues: it would be good to use objective indicators from the Google toolkit in the competition. Along with the jury's assessments, automatically check the download speed, the PageSpeed Insights assessment, the availability of the mobile version, etc. And in the rating, I think, it is worth moving away from the basic assessment of TIC. In connection with the blocking of Yandex services in Ukraine, this metric has lost relevance for our market. I understand that there is still a lot of work ahead. But a lot has been done. Therefore, I wish the organizers of the forces and patience in realizing all the ideas.»

Владелец интернет-магазина
« Participation in the contest helped us look at our site through the eyes of the visitor, improve it and correct some mistakes. But, in general, the contest disappointed completely. The spectator's sympathy prize went to the site with an estimate of 4,5, developer - one of the members of the jury. At that time, as our site scored 4.6. That was offensive and sad. It's kind of weird, that the products of the jury members take part in the contest, which, as a result, they vote. This is unfair to other contestants.»

CEO, webPC
« No matter who you are, important - what you can do and what benefits you can bring to the modern world through technology. Successful implementation of the project - this is a good assessment of the performance of any company. It is necessary to continue to participate in competitions. The desire to become better is a good principle of growth and development. I would like to find and introduce into the competitions the formulas for checking, evaluating, testing web projects not on subjective indicators of the jury, but on technological objective indicators of work speed, technology safety, quality and quantity of project conversion, etc.This will allow to effectively build ratings and attract even more interested in objective assessments of participants. Good luck!»

CEO, СМСдизайн
« Any competition is good. Maybe it wasn’t the most objective and chic work contest in Runet, but for the start it wasn’t bad. We took two silver with sites far from 17 years, which is nice :) A year later, famous colleagues from the center will certainly take part in the contest and the contest become more cheerful. Good luck!»

CEO, FRESH creative web agency
« Finally, there is a Ukrainian rating-contest!

I am glad that at last a good competition for UA sites developers has appeared. Many works were interesting, several amazing works saw, many works was very mediocre, but one thing pleases - the Ukrainian development market is growing, developing.There were appeared a number of studios that I have never heard about in my 5 years of working on the web, but they pleasantly surprised me with their quality. I wish the studios luck and creative inspiration!»

« Thanks to our partners, IT Rating, for the excellent opportunity to participate in WEB AWARDS UA. The contest is rather creative, the studios have provided many interesting works, some even shock. We, the SEOWAVE group, are pleased to be part of the steep contest WEB AWARDS UA. You are the best!»

« Participation in the contest helped us to see our shortcomings, understand current trends and saw how the market for website development is moving.»

« The first stage of popular voting is in no way protected from deception. A personal office with confirmation of a telephone number is simply necessary.»

Chief Marketing Officer
« Participation in this competition gave us the opportunity to see from the side our site, our work. Each assessment that is left by users is an assessment of the enormous work of our team. This gives us an additional stimulus to development, gives new ideas, gives a certain vector of the company's development. We are pleased to note that makes a lot of efforts not only to development, but also to the development of business in general. After all, the more convenient the online store, the easier it is for users to make purchases, the more we create and develop a fundamentally new level of Internet service in Ukraine. I'm glad that there are such independent contests.»
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