How is it often necessary to do redesign of web-site?
Each of us it is desirable to believe that changes - it to the best. But not all are ready in them to meddle, if, for example, web-site and so works well. Nevertheless, in professional associations and even on the unspecialized forums a concept "Redesign of web-site" emerges often. That it and when does he need to be done? 
Under the redesign understand some changes in original appearance and functionality, at that the knowable look of resource is saved. Psychologically it is very important for users, that the small was to the evolution, but not cardinal revolution. Changes can be expressed in changing of types, mutual placement of elements on a page, some changing of tints. That can, on the whole, to change:
  • the page view is updated;
  • adds flash animation;
  • inserts new content and / or rubrics;
  • Simplifies navigation, improves interactivity and interaction with the visitor.
Creation of design of web-site (to his renewed version) in understanding of ordinary user of the internet is changing (revision, improvement) of picture and visual constituent. Both technical descriptions (for example, to rise speed of loading of pages) and functional indexes (improvement of usability) can be finished off actually. 
There are not some certain terms and intervals of time, through that it is necessary to renew a resource. But there are indexes and markers, talking that the unique design of web-site is necessary to be finished off. It is needed to pay attention on them. The users of global network quickly get used to good. And if they get on an unsuccessful or uncomfortable resource, leave from him on the average after 3 seconds. Does impress, indeed?

"Symptoms", allowing to determine the need for redesign:

  • Out-of-date design. It is not needed to talk that retro - in a fashion. If types look pre-revolution, pictures - off-grade, and make-up - so, as if done 15 back, the first idea comes that a web-site is neglected and it is not occupied them. So, the matters of company идут not very. Why it to you? 
  • Bad indexes of usability, uncomfortable functional. If many visitors come in an online shop, but all leave without purchases - maybe, they do not simply see the button to "buy", or the process of purchase stumbles on some stage. There is not sense to try to develop the business on-line, if WEB the design of web-site gives out such trick. A client is necessary to be respected.
  • A resource looks worse, than projects of competitors. Here many informal indexes are for comparison, but sometimes and comparing is not needed: he simply worse, and all.
  • Rebranding of company is planned. So, brandname colors, logotype, slogans and types, will change. Redesign web-site it is not simply needed, and it is extremely necessary!
A project can not be simply taken and do for one day. Preparation is conducted: the indexes of resource (from the point of view of user necessities and planning of customer), продумывается conception, are analysed, selling texts are optimized. And only after it the new design of web-site is done the internet of shop or other project as a layout. After drawing a resource is made up, further work is passed to the programmers. And only then the renewed design is carried on a web-site and built in CMS.
The basic requirements to the new look: readability, good visual perception and usability at level. It is here needed to say about redesign as important step on a way to advancement in the internet. The comfort of project extremely positively influences on a process and results of searching advancement. For search engines speed of loading of pages, simplicity of navigation and other indexes that get better in the process of work, is very important. And for users a role plays the comfort of viewing through PC and mobile devices, in fact all more people call at the internet from smartphones and plane-tables.
Exclusive design of web-site, executed 10 back, is perfectly, especially, if all be well works until now. But better however to pay attention to subtleties that we enumerated higher. And, maybe, even to order an audit that will explain, as far as a project needs redesign. Not only in drawing again of main page but also in a functional improvement.
Professional work and complex approach are here required. It is needed to take into account at the choice of performer, as far as complex a web-agency is ready to walk up to the task, what is explain one or another changes. As there is коннект with a customer, as far as his wishes and business features are taken into account. And, certainly, will not prevent to look портфолио of redesign works in the plan of "it was-has become". Healthily, if work of specialists is clear to the customer and coincides with his aesthetic vision.

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