It is important not only qualitatively to do the work but also able to present to her target accounts. Certainly, there is "sun-dress radio", when the name of literate performer of web sites is passed from one client to other. But it small. To tell about itself, talents and developments, advertisement campaigns are started, work is conducted in social networks - so that the name of company as possible more often was on hearing.
Additional possibility popularize itself - to take part in the competition of web-sites on profile subjects. In Ukraine there are bonuses for web-agencies and specialists in area of creation of web-sites. One of such competitions - WEB AWARDS UA on our resource. This competition brings mass of bonuses professional and social.


That is a competition of internet-grounds? Participants corresponding to the certain criteria give requests. Further functionality, a comfort and visual constituent of web-site are estimated by a judge, chooses the best, and references to their web-sites are published on the page of competition. It is honoured and pleasantly, but business not only in feeling of winner.
Companies that search a web-agency for creation of new or revision of present web-site read the similar rating and selections often, search reviews and publications about web-agencies. What a more agency will be open for public, than more often about them will be mentioned in the internet, so much the better. It causes the trust of potential client.
References to the web-sites of participants of competition, placed on the page of competition, increase visited of these web-sites a strange audience. It is useful not only to the developer but also for a proprietor, in fact part of traffic grows into purchases and orders. Participating is especially advantageous in the competition of web-sites with the reader voting. In this case references give visitors to all participants, and a traffic increases on each of them, rather than just on winners.
Memory of man works as the special character. That he once ran into a web-agency in the internet and with half an eye saw the name, can positively influence at choice in the future. An association works "I heard it already, it on hearing, so is good".


Usually registration on the competition of web-sites is simple and requires only a few minutes. She is done, when a resource starts already, there is not time trouble, all works stably. And a customer and performer of work together breathed out and congratulated each other. For participation it is necessary simply to fill a request, choose a suitable nomination, check itself for accordance to the requirements of competition and to attach a document about possession or involvement a ground to development (testifying to registration of domen, agreement on implementation of works etc.).
It is actual simply and does not require efforts. But extremely favourably affects on an image and reputation of participant, promotes his knowableness among a target audience. Participating in a competition allows to declare about itself to the professionals in the field of digital, in fact exactly profi is invited as a judge.
Winners are waited by more bonuses, than simply participants. They get a yet greater fame and document, confirmative victory. He can be hung up in a scope among other regalias of web-studio. And to mention about victory to the developer it will be pleasantly in press-releases and other materials.
Every competition has a web-site on that organizers place references to the prizewinners and winners. It yet more promotes a traffic and positively influences on visited. For developers it is a fame, for the proprietors of resource are additional sales.
An allukrainian competition in area of IT-industry of WEB AWARDS UA supposes all enumerated advantages for participants. At a desire take part in him registering oneself is very simple. The evaluation of participants is conducted by the combined method: first by the visitors of web-site, then by a professional judge. Prizewinners get the honoured certificates and permanent references to the works from the resource of awards.it - rating.in.ua.
In 2018 in a competition WEB AWARDS UA took part 143 correctly and honestly executed web-site, start in 2017. Requests on participating in a next competition it is possible to give from January for March, 2019. Do not miss out possibility to get the additional stake of fame, confession and confidence in itself!

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