Maksim Kachan
CEO, Linecore
« I am surprised with the high the organizers of the competition. It's always difficult to be the first. But the organizers have undertaken a huge mission: to crystallize and optimize the market of Ukrainian web development. Big thanks to them! Yes, the first contest was held not without unpleasant moments, for example, during a popular vote. But these are all nuances of the maturing market. Adults competing product quality and service. Adults competing quality of product and service. Children compete: who will cry out louder. But it is joyful to note that many participants of the contest have successfully passed into the adult stage of development of their business. I was pleased to note the quality of work of the old-timers of the market and some newcomers, which I learned about for the first time, but now I will be interested in their further work. I'm sure the next contest will be more qualitative and interesting. And I agree with colleagues: it would be good to use objective indicators from the Google toolkit in the competition. Along with the jury's assessments, automatically check the download speed, the PageSpeed Insights assessment, the availability of the mobile version, etc. And in the rating, I think, it is worth moving away from the basic assessment of TIC. In connection with the blocking of Yandex services in Ukraine, this metric has lost relevance for our market. I understand that there is still a lot of work ahead. But a lot has been done. Therefore, I wish the organizers of the forces and patience in realizing all the ideas.»
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