How to create a web-site independently? And does cost?
To understand a technical constituent and do a web-site independently quite possible. It will demand some time, assiduousness and persistence. Creation of web-site justifies itself independently, when it is needed to do the personal blog or association. 

Introduction to entertaining sitelogic

Let us understand base terms knowledge of that will never injure in the modern world. For example:
  • A domen is this name of web-site.Our domen -
  • Hosting is a that place on a server, where a resource "lies" physically. 
  • A server is a vehicle device for placing of web-sites. 
  • Static web-site - written on HTML without the use of programming languages. It is characterized high-rate and small loading on hosting.
  • Dynamic web-site - created in programming (Java, PHP, Python) language. More simple in service due to the presence of admin. 
  • A designer of web-sites is service allowing to the people without knowledge of make-up and programming to create web-sites. The last will have a small enough functional. 
  • CMS is control system by a resource.
Creation of quality web-site will demand the expenses of or time, or money. Thus the assured result will be given only by specialists, because the independent constructing is unforeseeable. It will be to study to marking (HTML) bases, to understand a management (CMS). But most difficult even not it, and then, that will come time to do advancement without that a resource will simply hang a dead load.
There will be to study a tool - shell a code is written in that. Getting all these knowledge is possible requiring payment, and it is possible to understand independently. Far more time will go away in last case. Specialists all of it and know so already. Questions, how to create a quality web-site, for them does not arise up, a process is put right and exhaust. However there are people, enjoying the process of educating, and to understand subtleties of site building exactly will please such novices.

Methods of creation of internet-grounds

Every page in a network consists of HTML- of marking and CSS- of styles. The first is studied quickly, it is necessary simply to execute the couple of practical tasks. Other variant to do a web-site - more sound, but also more labor-intensive. He will demand to study some programming language, to create "from the ground up" and do an ideally suitable functional.
There is yet and the third variant - to do a web-site on the basis of CMS. He is most popular, 70% of amateur web-sites is so done about. CMS is put on hosting, a functional (some functions can be added by means of external plugins) is influenced, in programming understanding is not needed. There will be to buy a domen and hosting, but a web-site is created how hardly not for a few hours. Free CMS - Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, ModX et al. For business goals will suit and some free of charge, and requiring payment.
Site designers allow you to create from ready-made parts what you need. With a reasonable approach, they can give the result of the result. Designers are conventionally divided into several groups:
  • for the development of full-fledged sites, that is for business (Wordpress,, uCoz, UMI, Wix and others); 
  • for creating landings (Bazium,, LPgenerator); 
  • for online stores (insales, UMI, etc.).
Fourth method to get an internet-ground - to order creation of web-site for specialists. For this purpose finances and clear requirements will be required to the future resource. Id est it is necessary to create техзадание, above that then and a web-studio or freelancer will work. A requirement specification will not prevent and during the independent prosecution of ground. A functional and tasks, that a web-site, wishes, must decide to his original appearance, are described in him. An agreement consists after it.

And that to do farther?

To create and start a resource, may need quite a bit persistence. It is necessary to follow the job through, but thereon interesting begins only. That a ground brought in a return, her it is needed to develop and move forward. A primary objective of these operations is an increase of traffic and bringing in of potential customers for the sake of earnings. Id est will be to study SEO- optimization and even bases of advancement.
Thus, it is difficult to say, what chances on the exit of home-made web-site in ТOP of the searching systems, the aurochses of SЕО will compete with a self-taught optimizer-person in fact. If web-site and will turn out to do independently, then exactly with advancement complications meet mostly. It is now possible to count up, how many persons of clock will be expended in creation by a web-site business owner or his hired employee. Add them the payment of training courses (if they will be), purchase of domen and hosting, studies in area of advancement. It appears very often, that to order an online shop or landing at a web-studio more advantageous. Specialists are much better, than amateurs, will execute a functional, will do a design, will write texts and will send a resource in ТОP of search engines.

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