Anatomy of a perfect landing page

The Internet has acquired a total role in many parts of life of modern humanity. Due to its resources, people have the chance to communicate, search the necessary information, conduct cash transactions and even conduct business. The benefits of the Internet are unconditional. Thus, Information retrieval is demanded practical tasks that any Internet user should solve. There are three chief methods to search for information on the Internet: specifying the address, moving along hyperlinks, accessing the search engine (search server). Search engines are the most common and effective resource to finding any information. Here the perfect landing page has a great importance, because this is exactly the site that guests come from search engines, contextual advertising and other sources to attract visitors.

What is the anatomy of a perfect landing page

Such type of pages is developed and logically structured blocks that, in a peculiar story form, lead the person to the target action. There is no universal landing one, as such creation depends on many factors:

  • business particulars;
  • services and things;
  • target audience;
  • seasonality;
  • competition and many other criteria.

But even with such individual factors, you can create an ideal source that will satisfy the supplies of the customer and can participate in the competition on the best web resource, overcome the prize and get worldwide recognition.

The strategy goal in creating the effective landing page design is to attract the visitor's attention, hold it and push it into action, thereby creating effective ice-dressing. The algorithm is based on four basic principles:

  • to attract the attention of the visitor;
  • to awaken interest in the content;
  • cause the desire to view information;
  • encourage active action after visiting the source.

Algorithm, how to create the perfect landing page

Before you begin to work, you need to determine the target audience. This first of all, dictates its own rules and tells you in what sequence to place landing blocks. To understand the portrait of a potential visitor better, you should find solutions on the following issues: the purpose of visiting the home page and the intentions of the guest. You should take into account the main and additional decision making factors; possible objections and benefits of your resource.

Only in total, these factors will give a clear picture of the model of a successful page. It is rather important to formulate your idea correctly. The success of the perfect landing page depends on the meaning of the sentences, headings, their value and motivation.

The structure of the landing page with all its elements should gently lead the visitor to the target action. Everything plays a key role here, starting from the whole site design, ending with suggestive arrows. The whole difficulty of developing a nice landing page is to find the border between the informational and commercial content, the amount of printed text and graphic elements. The structure of the selling website, for example, should combine marketing and direct sales, but it should not be intrusive and reveal value to the consumer. The same criteria apply to the pages of any subject.

Perfect landing page examples for future participants

Creating any page should begin with defining the target audience and clearly defining the determination of the resource. It should describe the risks to the client that he will encounter on another resource, thereby emphasizing the advantages of your page. It is probable to attract the attention of a potential client with unique content and accessible information structure. Satisfy the needs of the visitor can be an exhaustive list of all advantages. The final result of creation of any perfect landing page is the beginning of clients cooperation with this source. It is your creation that can be an excellent example of high-quality work and take part in the competition for the best site.

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